3D Virtual Cube

3D Virtual Cube 1.0

Randomize Rubik cube's color and solve it in a 3D environment
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Play with a Rubik cube in a 3D environment with the possibility to use 3 variations of the cube: OddzOn, Arxon, and Bicolor.

Rubik's cube is a 3D puzzle that was tremendously popular in the 80's. Since then, although its popularity diminished, it is still played by many people. This free program is a virtual 3D version of the Rubik's cube. The game playing is very easy. You can turn the cube and spin the cube's slices using the mouse. By right-clicking on the cube, a menu will appear, allowing you to choose between several options, such as scramble all the cube's faces, undo and/or redo last actions, zoom in and out, and more. You can customize the colors of the faces, turn sounds on and off, and adjust the speed of the spinning.
The program includes three variations of the Rubik's cube. These are OddzOn, Arxon and Bicolor cubes. The former two differ from Rubik's in the distribution of colors in each of the cube's faces; the third, as its name implies, features three faces in red and the other three in white. Although this one seems to be easier to solve, it is actually as difficult as the other versions.
This program is ad-supported, which means that there are advertisements appearing at the bottom of the interface. Nevertheless, this won't distract you or impede your gaming in any way. If you like puzzles or are a Rubik cube fan, then don't miss this free program.

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